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    Notice to all players. There will be a strict enforcement of the rules. Please read through all of these rules to understand them all. When you accept the Terms of Agreement you accepted these rules. Selling of personal accounts and items are not recommended and supported which means buy or sell at your own risk.

    1. You will not alter the software in any way.
    2. The player(s) is responsible for making sure that the computer meets the minumum requirements for the game. This includes software installed on the computer that may hinder use of the game with the anti-cheat security system.
    3. You will not use cheats, hacks, and/or cheat engines in game.
    4. No discrediting players and making accusations without video or photo evidence.
    5. All videos can be uploaded to [youtube.com] for GMs to verify accuracy of infractions or photos can be sent to the email provided in the Terms of Service or here in the Forums.
      (a) Tantra Zone is not affiliated with youtube.com.
    6. You agree that the software is owned by it's developers and free for distribution.
    7. Any use of the software for anything other than entertainment is strictly prohibited.
    8. Any sells of the software is hereby punishable by law.
      (a) All monetary transactions are for the maintenance of the server only.
    9. No impersonation of GMs or GM actions.
    10. No abusive or vulgar languages or actions towards the GMs or other players.
    11. You will not sell accounts or information for this game including but, not limited to the software provided free of charge.
      1. Any loss of your account is your responsibility.
      2. Tantra Zone Staff will not ask for your information by email.
      3. It is your responisibility to keep your account information private.
      4. You will provide us with a valid email for authentication purposes only.
    12. You will not advertise other servers, games or 3rd party sofware on this server.
    13. Any and all bug reports must be made by support through the site.
    14. No harassment of GMs about bugs in game.
    15. Request of items not earned is not tolerated.
    16. All punishments are made by staff members after a conference with all GMs and considered final. GMs in game only serve as moderation purposes and are not allowed to give items to players or favor players.
    17. If you have a complaint against a GM then use the support link in the website.
    18. You will not harass GMs or others for premium items that you did not earn or pay for.
    19. All transactions made through paypal are considered final and non-refundable.
    20. Attempts to cancel your transaction under fraudulent pretenses is a valid reason for termination of your accounts and characters and further banning of your IP address.
    21. Any infraction is considered a forfeiture of your account and characters for in game use.
    22. You agree all GM actions and decisions are final and that if your account is banned you will not argue with the decisions made.
    23. Any dispute made by the player that is considered offensive is automatic ban of their IP address.
    24. The GMs reserve the right to punishment and decisions herein.
    25. Loss of Donations due to banning or supsension is hereby non-refundable and all premium items purchased in game with the use of Taneys is also considered forfeit.

    26. Punishments will be as follows for all players. Donators and non-donators will abide by the same rules and punishments.

      • 1st Offense - 7 day suspension of account/characters
      • 2nd Offense - 14 day suspension of account/characters
      • 3rd Offense - 30 day suspension of account/characters
      • 4th Offense - Permanent ban of account/characters

      Using cheats in-game

      • 1st Offense - Automatic ban of account used with cheat.
      • 2nd Offense - Automatic ban of all accounts and IP address.

        **Annexation of Rules**

        1. We now offer a new Event Point system.
        2. These points are designed to allow you to earn items from the web mall.
        3. Players may not obtain enough points in one event to purchase the items immediately and must continue to earn them as you play.
        4. Items purchased with Event Points are NON-EXCHANGEABLE nor will they be exchanged for Taneys.
        5. Event Points are only for use with the web mall. They cannot and will not be used for the premium mall within the game.
        6. Items within the web mall may vary from items in the premium mall within the game.
        7. This is a courtesy and may change at anytime.
        8. Items traded with players that have been scammed, stolen and/or borrowed will not be replaced by staff. You are responsible for any and all information, items, content within your personal accounts.
        9. Suggestions, complaints and/or any other comments about the Event Point system will not be entertained.
        10. Abusive behavior may constitute in ban of the account and/or any other accounts associated with the abusive party.

      • **Notice: Subject to change at any moment without notice or reason.

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